Research methods specialist (MSc, Biometry)

A research methods expert dedicated to increasing the quality and relevance of research for development. A statistician and biometrician with extensive experience of consulting and advisory work in international agricultural and environmental research organizations, universities and commercial companies. A trainer and teacher interested in methods of teaching principles of research design and data analysis. A researcher hoping to make applied science more effective.
  • Planning sound data collection - generating the evidence needed for decision making
  • Agriculture, rural development, natural resource management, environmental sciences
  • Managing data and information
  • Data analysis, quantitative modelling and statistics
  • Research project planning, integrating investigations with development activities
  • Planning participatory enquiries to generate quantitative evidence
  • Quality assurance for research and investigative activities
  • Research project evaluation
  • Baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation data collection, impact analysis, adaptive management, experiments
  • Professional training and capacity building - short courses, on-the-job training, mentoring